Tejas Gokhale

Joining my Lab as a Researcher

  1. Are you hiring PhD students? Yes!

  2. How do I join your lab? If you are interested in working with me, please fill out this form. Your answers to questions in the form will help us prepare for a discussion if I reach out for a short interview. If you are at UMBC, you can also visit me during my office hours, but I would still ask you to fill out the form before we talk. If you are a BS or MS student, the best way to get a headstart into my research area would be to take one of my classes.

  3. Compensation: While I would like to work with many exceptional students, I may not always be able to accomodate everyone. Availability of funding is often a major factor that goes into such decisions. However there are several useful resources and programs at UMBC which would help in securing funding for your work, in case I don't have sufficient funding:


Being exposed to different styles of doing research, different organizations, and a wider network of collaborators, was incredibly instrumental in my progress as a graduate student. One of the best ways of doing this is to go for internships in organizations outside the university. Internships are also a way for securing additional (and significantly higher) funding. PhD researchers in my lab will be encouraged to apply and compete for such internships and I will be extremely supportive of such endeavors. My only expectation is that the internship would make a positive contribution towards completion of your PhD (usually through a collaborative publication with me and your internship mentors). BS and MS researchers will be encouraged to apply for software engineering, data science, ML engineer, research engineer, or any other relevant internship opportunities that will help their career growth.

Note for Recruiters: If you are hiring interns into your organization, please reach out to me; we can schedule a time to talk and identify suitable students and synergistic research topics.

Recommendation Letters

Letters of recommendation are important for students' progress in their careers, be it in academia or industry. I will be glad to write you a letter if you took my class and performed well, or if you are a researcher or collaborator with my lab. Letters will be confidential. I will never write negative, average, or weak letters -- if I do not have enough evidence to write a strong letter for you, I will ask you to request a letter from someone who knows you better and can make a stronger case for you.